Ventura County Capitol DisplayVentura County Officials Unveil Updated Display Case in the State Capitol-Strolling down the hall in the first floor of the State Capitol in Sacramento, one will notice hundreds of curious visitors gazing at glass cases lining the walls. For Capitol veterans who stroll down these halls everyday, this is just another day in the State Capitol, but for other Californians, it is the excitement at seeing their home county on display. The display cases lining the walls contain an exhibit of each California county, depicting the best of what each has to offer. However, some displays are out of date and haven’t been updated for many years. They don’t accurately reflect the beauty of their respective counties. That is why Assemblymember Pedro Nava recently joined Ventura County Supervisor Kathy Long, Lynn Suter (Ventura County advocate in Sacramento), and guests in the State Capitol to unveil, with much pride, Ventura County’s display case. “It is always an honor to showcase and promote Ventura and Santa Barbara counties in the work that I do in Sacramento. Ventura County has created an exhibit that will be here to stay for the millions of visitors to admire for years to come,” said Assemblymember Nava.

Ventura County Shadowbox DisplayThe new display is a stunning tribute to Ventura County and it includes photos by acclaimed home town photographers Tim Huaf and Joe Virnig, brief histories of our communities, and historical photos from the Ventura County Museum of History and Art. Special thanks to Ventura County business owners Chris and Laura Meissner who made the generous donation to the county that enabled the display to become a reality.